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world traveller expert guy Are you knowledgeable on the subject of international living? Maybe you have vast experience with investing, real estate, or world travel?

If so, we would like to add you to our team. Become a contributor on Escaping America and share your expertise with others who can really benefit from your experience.   Learn More

escaping america living abroad find love overseas Welcome to, a resource for Americans who are interested in exploring life outside of the United States.

Whether you are seeking a better place to grow your career, looking for specialized medical care, or trying to find an amazing piece of real estate to retire on, Escaping America can help you find what you're looking for.

This is in no way an anti-American website. We just think that everyone's "American Dream" is different, and ironically, some dreams are easier to attain outside of America. US citizens are leaving the country every day for an endless amount of reasons including better healthcare, job prospects, real estate, and government. On top of this, many of the very same necessities and luxuries we enjoy in America can be found more affordably in other countries. is powered by the experience and knowledge of seasoned experts who have traveled the world, lived in many countries, and wish to share their priceless advice with you. They've explored the world for different reasons and experienced many different aspects of each country; if you're thinking about moving outside the United States, we have someone who can offer you some helpful advice.

Here you will find many resources to get you started and guide you along your journey. Escaping America offers helpful articles full of advice and information from top experts, discussion forums where you can meet and connect with other like-minded Americans, Real Estate listings, a schedule of events and conferences, and much more!

We hope you enjoy the website and take advantage of all the great resources, advice and information! Thank you for visiting

Must See:

  • Why Live Abroad: For those considering a life outside the United States, a thought-provolking list of benefits.
  • Finding Love Abroad: Each year, thousands of Americans travel to places in Asia, Latin America, and Europe to find romance.
  • Working Abroad: The numbers are growing; American professionals, students, and workers are taking their skills elsewhere.
  • Events: When the subject is moving, living, and thriving overseas, you need a lot of meaningful information.


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