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World's Safest Countries

1. New Zealand
New Zealand is recognized as a relaxed, tolerant and safe country, where people are free to live the lifestyle they choose. As a modern, secular and democratic country, New Zealand has laws protecting human rights and freedom of speech. It is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, religion or ethnicity; and everyone living here has the same rights and freedoms.

2. Denmark
Denmark has a very low crime rate and is one of the safest countries in the world. The living standards in Denmark are among the best in the world, although standards may vary from place to place, but the basic facilities are always present.

3. Iceland
Icelanders enjoy the world’s longest life expectancy, and one of the world’s highest incomes per person. Crime is almost non-existent there. It’s probably because everyone has a job... unbelievably less than 3,000 people in the entire country were unemployed in the third quarter of 2005.

4. Austria
Austria has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The number of traffic accidents per year is in a normal range for the size of the country and the likelihood of becoming the victim of a natural disaster is extremely low (the number of occurrences of life-threatening natural disasters is one of the lowest in the world). Due to Austria's political neutrality, the danger of becoming involved in a war or any kind of armed international conflict is practically nonexistent.

5. Slovenia
Slovenia boasts stable economic growth and is viewed as a safe country, being ranked among those countries with the lowest degree of risk. Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe where the Alps face the Pannonia plains and the Mediterranean meets the mysterious Karst. As a beautiful and picturesque country, it makes a great tourist destination. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests, caves, hills, plains, rivers and the sea as well as many natural and landscape parks exist there.

6. Switzerland
Switzerland is a very safe country to live in or visit. Unlike many other European countries, violent crime including assault and robbery is virtually unheard of in Switzerland.  There have been reports over the years of local police officers behaving harshly with foreigners in Switzerland who were unable to produce identity papers, so it’s always advisable to have your passport with you when walking around Switzerland.

7. Finland
Finland is one of the world's safest countries and moving around Helsinki is safe, regardless of the time and place. There is no need to be on constant alert for the pickpockets which typify so many other major cities. Naturally, all travelers are encouraged to be careful and use common sense. Finnish police are reliable and speak foreign languages, including english.

8. Japan
Japan is a peaceful nation. Major crimes occur at very low rates and it has a robbery ratio of 1.1 to every 100,000 people. The US has a ratio of 233 to every 100,000 people. One reason that may be attributed to the safety of the country is its culture; the Japanese are taught to never bring shame to their families, therefore abstain from disorderly conduct.

9. Norway
Although a historical homeland of warlike Vikings who ravaged Europe 1000 years ago, today's Kingdom of Norway is a wealthy, prosperous and safe nation. Breathtaking mountain fjords and colorfully-painted fishing villages make Norway a beautiful place to visit. Norway embodies the same high respect for human rights and personal freedoms, religious and cultural tolerance and low crime rates as the other Scandinavian nations on this list.

10. Canada
Canada is an urban nation with almost 80% of the population residing in cosmopolitan and diverse cities. As a nation of immigrants, the government pursues a policy of multiculturalism where citizens are encouraged to maintain their traditional values and ways of life. Canada scores well for its appreciation of human rights and tolerance.


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belize real estate beach front property

cartagena dental specialists

sunbelt asia

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