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Belize Limited Liability
Partnerships Act

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is another international financial service that has recently drawn much attention in Belize. This new business structure can be the ideal for many businesses.

Limited Liability Partnership is a business structure that allows for members of an LLP to freely concur among themselves the relationship between them, as partners do in a partnership.

Being a corporate body with the ability to contract in its own right, LLP has the organizational elasticity of a partnership.

The registration of Limited Liability Partnerships is permitted by Belize Limited Liability Partnership Act. There have been very few registrations, before the Act acquired a financial provision bond in the sum of USD 250 000 to be paid by a local bank or international insurance company to the registrar or LLPīs in case of winding up of the Limited Liability Partnership. According to the last year Act amendment, the Limited Liability Partnership needs only procure such type of bond for the sum of BZD 250 000.

For more information about Belize and Belize Real Estate, please contact:

Caribbean Property Consultants
P.O. Box 149 Dangriga Stann Creek, Belize, Central America

In North America 1-250-592-1277
North American calls to Belize Office 011-501-672-9000
Europe 00-501-672-9000
Patrick Doyle 011-501-670-9933
Lea Snyder 011-501-669-9000
Dan Dunbar 011-501-671-9500
Michael Young 011-501-666-7000
Frank Gagliano 011-501-628-1250
Danie Oosthuizen 011-501-666-0426
* 011 is required for all international calls from North America - From Europe use 00 - Belize's Area Code is 501
Email: to send email, please use: info (then the @ symbol)


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