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Robert A. Wray Robert A. Wray Escaping America Dating Expert
Robert A. Wray is a successful author of computer programming textbooks. A Man’s Field Guide to Dating is his first publication in the self-help category. He has been a public school teacher, college instructor and spent several years as a consultant and trainer before founding netImage, a web design firm. He then worked for IBM.

Today Bob directs international tours. He is single and spends his leisure time at the beach, swing dancing, playing guitar and working out. He also enjoys skiing, sailing and, of course, dating. He is currently working on a dating guide for women.

Here is a link to Bob's Blog


Elana Korosteleva Robert A. Wray Escaping America Dating Expert
I have been married and living in the USA for 13 years. I have a very healthy and happy marriage with my loving American husband. We have been married more than 13 years.

I have a total of almost 12 years experience working with international couples, and about 15 years experience in the International dating industry. I believe that family and love are gifts, and marriage must be a pleasant experience for both of you.


Bud Patterson Robert A. Wray Escaping America Dating Expert

We are very pleased to welcome Bud Patterson to our network of contributors.

Bud married his Russian wife in 2002, and following his experience wrote the book, Foreign Bride 101.  His book has helped thousands of American men meet the women of their dreams.

Bud has hosted a weekly conference call for the last 5 years all about international dating and finding love abroad.

In May of 2011, Bud was made Vice President of A Foreign Affair. Bud has over 10 years experience and is full of insight to guide you through the romance tour process.

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