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Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital

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Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad International partners with Motorola to provide five-star patient care enhanced wirelessly.  Using a wireless network, Bumrungrad is able to use state of the art technology to make doctors and staff more efficient and productive.

More Americans traveling to Bumrungrad for quality care and savings

Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital, where Tony and Susan go, is lavish, but the bill is not.  With over 900 doctors, first class accommodations and plenty of creature comforts, a self insured entity like the Assemblies of God Missions saves money even after travel costs.

World-Class Medicine in the Heart of Thailand

Providing specialty care at every level and advanced diagnostics at a fraction of the cost, Bumrungrad International Hospital becomes a five-star hospital in Asia.

Medical Holiday at Bumrungrad International

With its excellence in care, Bumrungrad International is recognized as a world-class hospital for a medical holiday in Asia.

Traveling to Thailand for Treatment

Watch the streaming VDO from The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

Cosmetic Surgery at Bumrungrad International

Chris traveled on a group tour in February 2010 to Thailand for cosmetic surgery at Bumrungrad International hospital. View her video testimonial here.

Welcome to Bumrungrad Hospital

One of the best hospitals in the world located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand with more than a million patients a year from over 150 countries.

Bumrungrad Hospital - Advanced Technological Support

State-of-the-art solutions have helped BH transform its workflow, enabling it to accommodate a 40 percent rise in patient loads without increasing IT head count, achieve 33 percent gross profit, and handle 860,000 outpatient visits yearly, with the average visit taking just 45 minutes.

IT a Strategic Asset

Bumrungrad’s state of the art IT has increased efficiency and provided more benefits to patients.

belize real estate beach front property

cartagena dental specialists

sunbelt asia

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