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Belize Real Estate

Located in Central America, Belize is a third world country, but a very progressive third world country. Real estate prices in Belize are comparable to Costa Rica and more reasonable than real estate prices in other Caribbean Central American countries.

Real estate investment security is the main advantage that Belize has over any other country in Central America, Mexico or other Caribbean countries. The Belize government protects foreign investors.

Belize is an English speaking country and this is definitely an asset for foreign real estate investors. And the quality of life is by far the best in Central America and most other Caribbean countries.

Belize real estate prices, compared to other Caribbean countries, is by far the most inexpensive. Close proximity to North America is also another compelling factor in choosing Belize as a retirement or vacation real estate investment.

Most Caribbean counter parts have reached their real estate and property investment potential. Belize is the new hot spot and is now attracting the "baby boomer generation". Many savvy investors, seeing the immense potential Belize real estate offers, have decided to make their move now before prices catch up to real estate pricing in other tropical Caribbean destinations.

More About Belize

Belize is a land of unique contrasts with more to do and see than many countries 10 times it size. Belize was the British Honduras until the name was changed in 1973.

  • Belize is English speaking
  • You acquire full title to land and property in Belize
  • Easy access from North America - 2hrs from Houston or Miami
  • Belize Retirement Program for those 45 or older
  • Belize Residency Program
  • No Inheritance Tax in Belize
  • No Capital Gains Tax in Belize
  • Good standard of living in Belize
  • Stable government
  • Member of the British Commonwealth
  • Member of the United Nations
  • Fixed exchange rate - US$1 = BZ$2
  • Tropical climate in Belize
  • 2nd largest barrier reef in the world
  • 185 miles of unspoiled coastline
  • Virgin rainforest
  • Multi-cultural society in Belize
  • Good education system
  • N.A. electrical standard
  • Potable water in Belize
  • Peaceful nation
  • Friendly people in Belize
  • Breathtakingly beautiful scenery

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Caribbean Property Consultants
P.O. Box 149 Dangriga Stann Creek, Belize, Central America
In North America 1-250-592-1277
North American calls to Belize Office 011-501-672-9000
Europe 00-501-672-9000
Patrick Doyle 011-501-670-9933
Lea Snyder 011-501-669-9000
Dan Dunbar 011-501-671-9500
Michael Young 011-501-666-7000
Frank Gagliano 011-501-628-1250
Danie Oosthuizen 011-501-666-0426
* 011 is required for all international calls from North America - From Europe use 00 - Belize's Area Code is 501
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