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Top Ten Places To Retire Abroad

The following countries scored high marks not only for their inexpensive living, but for overall friendliness toward American retirees.

Retire in Thailand Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand sets retirees back only about $1,000 a month while giving them great amenities and vibrant cultural and entertainment options.  More About Thailand

Retire in Belize Belize

Belize, known in travel circles as "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret", is truly a tropical paradise. An exotic tropical paradise that is now opening it's doors to all your dreams of new experiences. More About Belize

Retire in Malaysia Malaysia

The country’s My Second Home retirement benefits program for all foreigners is a great draw, but so is the quality Internet access, cellphone coverage and roads. It also helps that it’s dirt cheap.  More About Malaysia

Retire in Panama Panama

A retiree has it pretty sweet in Panama, where a program commonly known as pensionado help retirees settle in quickly. International Living says retirees can live like kings here for $1,500 to $2,000 a month and score apartments for less than $500 a month.  More About Panama

Retire in Mexico Mexico

Great homes on Mexico’s Caribbean coast go for less than $170,000 while villages along the north shore of Lake Chapala are home to hundreds of American and Canadian expats.  More About Mexico

Retire in Colombia Colombia

Medellin’s El Poblado district has Japanese, French, seafood and Italian restaurants within a block of each other. Its health care system ranks atop any other stop on this list, while the cost of everything from housing to entertainment are a great fit for a fixed income. More About Colombia

Retire in Nicaragua Nicaragua

A visit to the doctor is $15. Overall health care can cost as much as 60% less than the U.S., while U.S.-trained doctors speak English and will make house calls. More About Nicaragua

Retire in Spain Spain

Combine teeming culture and tons of ways to pass the time and Spain can be a great fit for retirees who’ve already weathered a shaky economy. More About Spain

Retire in Honduras Honduras

The benefits offered to retirees beyond the three-hour flights back to see the kids are fairly substantial, especially considering that expats living on beachfront property can do well here on less than $1,500 a month. More About Honduras

Retire in Ecuador Ecuador

This basically is Florida or Arizona for the expat community. The country’s retirement benefits package includes 50% off transportation, utility bills, international round-trip flights originating in Ecuador and tickets for cultural and sporting events. More About Equador

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