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Top Ten Reasons To Retire In Honduras

The benefits offered to retirees beyond the three-hour flights back to see the kids are fairly substantial, especially considering that expats living on beachfront property can do well here on less than $1,500 a month. The scuba diving, fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and surfing are lovely too.

1) Things To Do
There is never a lack of anything to do unless you just do not want to do anything and hang out on the beach all day. There are fantastic locations for diving, sailing and fishing all along the coast. There are tremendous opportunities to trek into the jungle on a day trip up one of many dormant volcanoes. There are enumerable opportunities to live an active and balanced lifestyle.

2) Family Values
The sense of family is much more important in Honduras than in the USA. Children live at home longer, extended family are all best friends.

3) Pace Of Life
Sure, the hustle and bustle of the States is great from time to time, but the slow pace of Honduran life adds an immeasurable boost to overall quality of life.

4) Private Bilingual School System
Kids get a much better education in Honduras then they would in the U.S.

5) Cost of Living
You can live much better in Honduras. You simply can't afford the same lifestyle in the U.S.

6) Natural Beauty
Honduras is absolutely beautiful, whether it's the Bay Islands or the Mountains.

7) Mayan History
You can't visit Copan enough times. There are also some secondary sites such as El Puente that few people visit, but are diamonds in the rough nevertheless.

8) Colonial Villages
You will love visiting small little colonial villages for an afternoon diversion. And they are everywhere, each unique in its own way.

9) Climate
It seems just about perfect, except for drought or constant rains from tropical depressions.

10) Food
Most everything you will eat in Honduras has been grown without hormones or insecticides. Fruits and vegetables are large and succulent.

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