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Top Ten Reasons To Retire In Mexico

Considering the tensions over the state of Mexico/U.S. immigration law, itís at the very least amusing to consider American workers streaming south to chase their retirement dreams. Great homes on Mexicoís Caribbean coast go for less than $170,000 while villages along the north shore of Lake Chapala are home to hundreds of American and Canadian] expatsÖ.Itís the only retirement destination on this list withing driving distance, and retirees can rent out their properties in the off-months to cover costs.

1) Stretch Your Retirement Income
Cost of living is quite low compared to most places in North America and a retiree can lead a very cost efficient lifestyle. The cost of hydro has risen considerably, but food, entertainment, property taxes and maintenance are very reasonable. The combination of low land and building costs make Mexico an affordable choice for retirement.

2) Fresh Food
You'll enjoy the fresh food choices. There is an immense variety of fish, meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables available at the local markets for reasonable prices.

3) Health Care
Don't worry about healthcare. Various types of insurance healthcare plans are widely available and there is a good selection of doctors, hospitals and medical specialists.

4) Quality Of Life
Enjoy the relaxed pace. Retirement is all about removing the stress from your life and taking time to relax. Mexico's environment is far from fast paced, as a retiree you can be active, but still enjoy a low stress lifestyle.

5) Climate
Decide what sort of climate you are most comfortable living in, depending on the area the weather ranges from year round spring-life weather to warm sea front locations and dry desert heat.

6) Sports
Mexico is big on sports. Most activities are available here, and whether you choose scuba diving or golfing, there is something for everyone.

7) Variety Of Living Choices
Choose from a wide variety of locations. Whether you want city living, a secluded property surrounded by nature, or something in between, there are plenty of areas to choose from.

8) Real Estate
Select from a myriad of real estate opportunities. There are properties available to suit every need including apartments, resort, condos and beach front homes. If you intend on renting your property, some of the resort have property managers who can assist with this process.

9) Familiar Choices
Commonly used item are widely available. In order to accommodate the many foreign retirees, most foods purchased in Canada, the United States and Europe are available at many Mexican supermarket.

10) Telecommunications
You can keep up to date with the news back home. Cable and satellite are widely used, allowing you to continue viewing all the major US networks and global channels.



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