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Top Ten Reasons To Retire In Nicaragua

A visit to the doctor is $15. Overall health care can cost as much as 60% less than the U.S., while U.S.-trained doctors speak English and will make house calls. A huge expat population in the colonial city of Granada spends about around $1,200 a month to live there, considering a small house can be $500 to $1,000 a month to rent. The best steak dinner in town runs about $13, while regular meals go for half that and “local meals” are $2 to $3. Local beer, meanwhile, runs between 75 cents and $1.50. This makes Florida’s cost of living look like Manhattan’s.

1) Cost Of Living
A couple can live very comfortably on $850 a month.

2) Food
All the food you eat in Nicaragua is organic.

3) Health
All government health care is free, and there are some very modern new private hospitals, that have health care plans.

4) Taxation
There is no tax on money received from outside the country. 

5) Real Estate
You do not have to be a permanent resident to own land in Nicaragua.

6) Title Insurance
You can purchase American title company insurance.

7) Firearms
After becoming a permanent resident you can have firearms.

8) Weather
The temperature is 33 Celsius or 75 Fahrenheit, there are two seasons, the rainy season is from May to October and dry season is from November to April. Nicaragua is out of the hurricane zone.

9) Safety
Other than the city of Managua there is very little crime, there is virtually no major crime, children of all ages walk freely to and from schools non escorted. They play in the streets until bed time, no kidnapping, no rape, no shootings, on the Island of Ometepe there is virtually no crime.

10) Banking
Many of the banks in Nicaragua have the main bank in the United States.

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