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Top Ten Reasons To Retire In Spain

Wait, the same Spain that just dodged a bailout and is still dealing with crushing debt? Yep, thatís the one, but austerity measures havenít bitten into the best of what Spain has to offer. This is by no means the cheapest option on the list and, in fact, has the most expensive real estate of any country listed. That said, itís really easy to fit in, with near-ubiquitous English, three-course meals for less than $20 and modern infrastructure that places high value on convenient, punctual rail service. Combine that with teeming culture and tons of ways to pass the time and Spain can be a great fit for retirees whoíve already weathered a shaky economy.

1) The Weather
Widely regarded as the best all year round climate in Europe, the southern Blanca normally offers up to 320 days of sunshine a year with a low registered rainfall. Its unique dry micro-climate and warm winters is one of the main reasons expatriates find this area so very desirable.

2) Health Benefits
Recommended by the World Health Organization as a near perfect environment as it is possible to obtain. Near miraculous cures have been recorded in this area and especially beneficial to people who suffer from Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis or heart related problems. Spain offers truly exceptional, quick medical treatment and many new hospitals.

3) Standard of Living
The difference can be amazing, try it for yourself and you will soon note the contrast. This area offers greatly reduced living costs, low crime, more to do and enjoy, greater social life and of course that fabulous weather. You just feel that much better especially with winter evenings remaining brighter for much longer than back home, if you enjoy life you will certainly enjoy Spain and all it offers in a safe, secure, established environment.

4) Cost Of Living
It is well proven fact that you can live and own a freehold property in this glorious area for considerably less than back at home. Estimated savings on general yearly property running costs are between 30-40% less than in the U.K. with heating and food being noticeably cheaper. Ask any one who lives there permanently and you will soon find out the many reduced cost and savings on offer.

5) Investment
Spain constantly tops the lists of European countries for increased property values, couple this with a safe, strong economy and it can only get better. It is common knowledge that Property values in the Murcia region are still under valued so offering a shrewd investment for buyers. Prime, top quality property in a desirable area always sells well regardless of any market fluctuations.

6) Night Life
Spain is widely known for its colorful night life. The passionate Spanish people do love a good night out on the town and the dance floor.

7) Infrastructure
Spain is a developed country that offers good communication and transport infrastructures. There are no major issues within the developed areas of the country.

8) Spanish People
A warm and generous people, renowned for their genuine hospitability and are to glad share their relaxed lifestyle with their European friends. One of the main reasons Spain is so popular is the people are so helpful and accommodating.

9) Weather
Spain has a mild climate by many standards, and encourages one to enjoy its sunshine. This explains why you find so many people out and about during the day, and even into the comfortable night.

10) Quality of Life
This is the real reason so many people choose southern Spain over other countries, you simply just feel better and more relaxed in this balmy atmosphere. You cannot describe or put a price on the “feel good factor”, its just there for all to enjoy, unique to Spain and best of all “it’s free”. The much-improved quality of life and less formal attitude to day to day living is without question the main reason so many people say they wish to buy a new home in Spain.

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