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Is A Foreign Affair A Scam?

A Foreign Affair Romance Tours

The international dating and romance tour company, A Foreign Affair, strives to provide a trustworthy, transparent, reliable service that allows people from around the world to meet and potentially find what has been missing in their lives.

The stigmatized perspectives surrounding the international dating industry are unfortunately common among most Americans. Many people automatically assume any company involved in the must be running some kind of mail order bride scam.

Although there are companies out there who make less-than-acceptable business decisions regarding their services, but A Foreign Affair is NOT one of them. AFA has been around since 1995 and has upheld its reputation as the best, most transparent international dating agency in the world.

A Foreign Affair thoroughly trains its employees in all the offices they run around the world, making sure every tour client has a fun, safe, and successful experience abroad. Many times, the co-founders of the company, Kenneth Agee and John Adams, actually travel to the destination city office to train the staff themselves.

The people at A Foreign Affair go above and beyond to guarantee quality in every service they provide. If AFA discovers or is informed of a user who is acting inappropriately, including any behavior suggesting an online dating scam or inappropriate language in an email, they immediately remove the user's profile. A foreign bride scam is not a joke and the people at A Foreign Affair take the task of eliminating them very seriously.

It's a shame that there have been enough scams throughout the years to create such a brutal mail order bride stigma, but A Foreign Affair is one of the companies trying to change that. With their new reality show on The National Geographic Channel called "Bachelors Abroad," they may just get the push they need to bring international dating and romance tours into an acceptable public perspective.

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