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Top Ten Reasons To Live Abroad - Overseas Dating - Women Abroad

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American males are definitely on to something. Those who believe in marrying a traditional foreign woman to reduce the risk of divorce have statistical evidence to back them up. About eighty percent of these marriages become successful, long-term, and divorce-free.

Marrying a modern, independent American woman carries a much higher statistical risk of future divorce: roughly half of all married American women will see their marriages end in divorce.

A 1999 report to the Congress showed that the overwhelming number of marriages between American males and traditional foreign woman remain cohesive. Roughly twenty percent of these marriages end in divorce, a thirty percent improvement compared to traditional American-American marriages.

Traditional foreign women tend to be more family-oriented, retain their family values regardless country of residence, and do not consider divorce the answer to spousal issues.

Overseas Dating Tips
One of the best pieces of advice when dating overseas is to ensure that you make the right choices. When it comes to different cultures, this is a positive thing. There is something very exciting about going to different countries as well as seeing and experiencing different cultures. You can learn almost anything when you travel.

The biggest piece of date women abroad advice is to enjoy the process of stepping out of your comfort zone. Learning another language is fun, as is taking part in local festivals and meeting new people. One of the biggest benefits of dating abroad is getting exposure to cultures you would never normally experience. My date women abroad advice is to get into these cultures as much as possible.

Some of the most popular countries for meeting women abroad are often countries in Asia such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Some countries in Europe are also good, such as Hungary, Croatia and Poland. Many  South American countries, including Argentina and Brazil have a lot of women that would be fun to date. You will discover that a lot of women in other countries like white Caucasian men, so you should make the most of this. You are different and a little special. Many guys get ignored in their home countries, but then they visit another country and get treated like kings. This has become a fairly popular move for guys to broaden their horizons when it comes to meeting girls.

I read an interesting case study about an American that lived in a small town. He decided to move to Colombia  to become a fashion photographer to shoot swimsuit models and calendars. He ended up dating a Columbian woman, but he would have had no chance of dating a girl that hot in his hometown. It just shows you what little bit of creativity and initiative can achieve.

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