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Top Ten Reasons To Live Abroad - Happiness Abroad - Quality Of Life

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It’s up to you how and why you want to change your life for the better. And it’s up to you to choose the one country that will offer you the perfect balance.  There are nations where expatriates are much happier, so what’s stopping you from making the break and going in search of a better life abroad?

You can improve the quality of your life in terms of finding a lower cost of living. You can improve it by moving to a high paying country with lots of career and salary options for expats. You can go in search of amazing weather and scenery that will assault your senses , or you can simply find an excellent quality of life for the long-term for the entire family.

Thailand, for example, is a stunning Asian nation that consistently ranks highly as one of the friendliest nations where expatriates find it easy to integrate and even find love.  It is also now ranking exceptionally well with retirees looking for a more affordable cost of living, as well as a decent quality of life balance.

Thailand is considered a lifetime move by a high proportion of expats surveyed. It seems that once you make a home in Thailand you really don’t want to leave. You have an almost perfect climate year round, exceptionally beautiful scenery including idyllic beaches and lush flora.

Yes, for many Americans the thought of leaving the U.S. with all its familiar surroundings can be a bit scary. Yet many are drawn to other countries by visions of simpler lifestyles, more laid back attitudes, and of course the fact that the dollar goes a lot further in many places.

Living in a culture that has a higher regard and awareness of its humanity and is more in touch with the rhythms of the seasons has a tendency to bring one to the realization that all the intoxicating creature comforts available in the so called “first world” countries can’t hold a candle to what is offered in a more simple, rural environment.

When faced with the reality that it is the simple things in life that are important, all the other things like possessions, status, recognition and peer acceptance fade away.

Food, shelter, clothing, friends, family and love are re-established as the priorities and are recognized as the indicators of true wealth.






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