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Top Ten Reasons To Live Abroad - Modern Transportation Overseas

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Many countries that Americans might consider to be "developing" actually have more modern public transportation systems than you'll find in the states.

Here is a list of some of the best public transportation systems in the world.

Taipei, Taiwan
This subway system is one of most expensive systems in the world. However, considering it’s been ranked No. 1 in the world three years straight for safety, reliability and quality by an international body, it looks like money well spent.

The Taipei MRT offers riders LED screens with times of trains along with Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and English announcements. The stations are air-conditioned, trains have a good record of being on time and they maintain high levels of cleanliness by forbidding eating, smoking and gum-chewing in the stations and in the cars. As a result, the riders gave the system an overall score of 95.5% for tidiness. Plus, the transit system has added a gondola that runs between the Taipei Zoo and Maokong to accommodate passengers. Since its daily ridership averages about 1.1 million people, it looks like a good idea.

Moscow, Russia
Moscow has one of the oldest grids in the world and is also the second most heavily used system, carrying over 7.5 million people daily. Its network of routes is close to 293 kilometers long with clean stations, which themselves are an attraction of ornate, Baroque architecture that people spend time enjoying. Yet, for all its history and craftsmanship, perhaps its biggest marvel is its efficiency. Many consider it to be the most reliable subway in the world, running up to 40 trains an hour. If you choose to stay in the station a bit longer to take in its architecture, you can set your watch to the next train on the schedule. Combine this with the fact that it has had very few accidents, and this public transportation system stands out as one of the best in the world.

Curitiba, Brazil
The capital of Brazil's southern Paraná province has a widely emulated public transportation system consisting exclusively of buses running on dedicated lanes, all of which utilize bus shelters (see above). The system prizes simplicity. There is a single price for tickets. The network is estimated to be used by a remarkable 85% of the population.

Shanghai, China
Like Seoul's system, the Shanghai Metro is cheap and easy to use, with plenty of signs in English, and maps around to help you out. The city also boasts the Maglev, the new train that whips you out to Pudong Airport from the city at 430km/h, and costs about 10 bucks. (Seriously, it really does go that fast.) Taxis are frightening, but cheap, and can even be paid for with the swipe card you get for the Metro.



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